Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pokemon Smash Keldeo Details and Gameplay Footage

Firstly, we would apologise for the wrong information in the previous article (Bessatsu CoroCoro June), it is merely screen image of battle. Not yet confirmed that Regigigas appearance in B2W2.

Secondly, some sites aleready reported on Keldeo details and gameplay footage in Pokemon Smash dated on 29 April 2012, here is reposting the video clip. Topics as follow.
  • Showed grass and factory area
  • Confirmed that Growlithe (Lv.13), Sewaddle (Lv.2), Magby (Lv.10), Koffing (Lv.10), Magnemite (Lv.10)
  • New trainer Girls Twin (ふたごちゃん), named Mika and Miko (Sunkern Lv.9♀x 2)
[ B2W2 Gameplay Footage in Pokemon Smash @CaptainGameNews ]

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