Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Animated PV for BW2 releases on YouTube

Pokemon JP Official site announced that BW2 new PV will be released on youtube on 17 May 2012 0700 JST / 16 May 2012 2300 GMT.

Pokemon Co JP on Youtube

[ New Animeted PV BW2 ]

[ Translation ]
00:16 [N] What is the way you and Pokemon aim ?
00:47 [Rival] Right, Let's go to get Pokemon !
00:48 [Boy] Yeap

00:59 [Boy] You are...
01:02 [Bianca] I'm glad to see you !
01:09 [Bianca] Here you are, there are your partner Pokemon in this.

01:30 [Achroma] That Team Plasma said "We agree that potential of Pokemon, and should release from peoples.." I don't think so.

01:54 [Elesa] Welcome to this stage. My sweet Pokemon and yours,
I wonder which Pokemon is true brilliance ? Shall we battle here.

02:23 [Team Plasma?] Scoff. I congratulate you come here. But, you must give up soon we are many there.
02:39 [Rival] Let me tell you. I am getting angry now.
02:45 [Cheren] Totally you are meaningless, really troublesome...
02:53 [Rival] We will finish soon, give your help.
03:00 [Boy] Yeap
03:03 [Team Plasma] Seviper, Bite !
03:08 [Boy] Arcanine, Bite too !
03:13 [Rival] Samurott, Ice Beam !

03:24 [Boy] Wait
03:43 [Boy] Lucario, Aura Sphere !
03:57 [Boy] Oh this...
03:59 [Dark Trinity] We shall succeed our mission with any way.

[ Edit ] 
Changed video link to official release on 17 May 2012 

1 comment:

Weasel said...


First off--I'd love to see a Pokemon series like that. That was incredibly epic!

A few thoughts:

-I hope I can trade early on, as Elesa still has at least one Emolga. I'll be needing my Golett almost immediately. In my experience, only a Golett seems to be able to stand up to her.

-Bianca's new look is adorable and her voice is a lot better here than in the American dub. I am jealous.

-Is Team Plasma trying to make a comeback, like Team Rocket in Gold and Silver? And how did a Plasma grunt lay hands on a Metagross?!

-I cannot wait until Autumn. XD

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