Thursday, March 22, 2012

New TradeMark Pokemon TRETTA etc

AAPF confirmed that the following new trademark have been applied from Nintendo/GameFreak/creatures, according to publicated Unexamined/International Trademark Applications Gazette Vol.605 by Japan Patent Office as of 22 March 2012.
  • No T2012-13375 : ブラックキュレム (Black Kyurem)
  • No T2012-13376 : ホワイトキュレム (White Kyurem)
  • No T2012-14318 : ポケモン トレッタ
  • No T2012-14319 : Pokemon TRETTA
New Trademark Pokemon TRETTA

As for related forme, nothing new one at the moment.
Pokemon Tretta seems something related game/toys field. In Japan, word "Tretta" is popular product name as known as bookshelf or bicycle. In meanwhile, AAPF found this in Deviantart :D

[ Add 27 Mar 2012 ]
Uploaded the detail contents.

Pokemon Tretta Details T2012-14318


Weasel said...

I am hoping that "TRETTA" is meaning "bookcase", since a bookcase can store items. Why? My copy of Pokemon Black is very overcrowded--my PC is almost completely full. I have been taking in more than a few Golett and Golurk from the GTS. Extra storage would be greatly appreciated, especially for someone like me. :D

Kats said...

It's good idea that extra mega storage (vatual bookcase) in the network using cloud system :D

Weasel said...

That would be great! I really wish Game Freak would do that.

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