Sunday, March 4, 2012

Banpresto Expo Info (Banpresto)

Banpresto Expo was held at Makuharai Chiba, Japan today. Upcoming Pokemon new game prizes are displayed. Here is a clipping from twitters and others. [Updated] Added Meloetta Plush as follow. 2nd one is here.
Many thank you for reporting and sharing the images to @sumib_89, @BANPRE_NOW, @coborico and 地獄の九所封.

[ Waza (Attacks) Museum Figures ]
  • Images from @sumib_89
  • Vol.003 has colors this time. Other images and video in AOU#2012, please see this article.
Pokemon Figure Waza Museum from @sumib_89
Pokemon Figure Waza Museum from @sumib_89

[ Order Vol.001 (Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Zebstrika) ]
Rakuten Shop : CollectToys

[ I Love Eevee Series ]
  • Images from @BANPRE_NOW
  • I Love Eevee (EIEVYU) series will start from October 2012.
I Love Eevee from @BANPRE_NOW

[ DX Figure Series RARTNERS ]
  • Images from @coborico
  • Ash and Cilan (Dento) figures will out in July September 2012, Subway Boss Emmet/Ingo (Nobori/Kudari) will out soon. 
Pokemon Charactor DX figure from @coborico

[ Wakuwaku Get Kuji /1Kuji ] ADD
  • Images from 地獄の九所封.
  • Lot prize, release schedule is unknown, probably in the mid of July 2012.
Pokemon Plush Meloetta from 地獄の九所封

Again many thanks to @sumib_89, @BANPRE_NOW, @coborico and 地獄の九所封.

[ Edit ]
5 Mar 2012 : Added Meloetta plush
7 Jun 2012 : Edited the release schedule of Pokemon PARTNERS


Anonymous said...

Hi, found this post via google and I have a question? With the PARTNER series of figures, do you know where it will be released? Specifically, what stores/online stores? Because I would like to know which websites I'll have to track as I would like the Subway boss figures. Thanks for your time!

Kats said...

Hi, Thank you for visting.
It will be available at online stores like this : Link#1
Please note the release schedule is postponed to Sep.
Also I would recommend you check PKMNCOLLECTORS@LJ, especially these two accounts's posts, they deals Banpresto items. Link#2 and Link#3
Hoping this is helpful for you :D

Kats said...

Also my blog this AAPF covers Pokemon figures info and reference/order info, please add AAPF to your bookmark !

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all your help!
I've also added the blog to my bookmarks, I look forward to seeing all your Pokemon coverage! :)

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