Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pokemon Sticker / Cover for Mobiel Device (Softbank)

One of mobile operator in Japan, Softbank provides Pokemon decoration sticker and custom cover for the mobile devices.

[ Decoration sticker ]   

The following various Pokemon stickers for mobile device 005Z give away as promotion. (first come first serve). This simple device 005Z is a single button security mobile for Kids. 

Softbank 005Z

Part 1 (Started on 29 July 2011)
Pokemon Decoration Sticker for 005Z part 1 Softbank

Part 2 (Started on 14 October 2011)
Pokemon Decoration Sticker for 005Z part 2 Softbank

Part 3 (Will start on 29 December 2011)
Pokemon Decoration Sticker for 005Z part 3 Softbank

[ Decoration Cover  (called Cover Collection), Started on 18 August 2011 ] 

For  iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S and smart phone 007HW, 009SH, 008Z, 003P, 006SH and 003SH, custom made Pokemon cover is available with charge. With selectable background pattern, Pokemon, Pokeball and we can specify text max 12 characters.

Selectable Pokemon (As of 18 November 2011 25 November 2011, going to expand day by day)

Pokemon Cover Collection Selectable Pokemon As of 25 Nov 2011 Softbank

Selectable Pokeball
Pokemon Cover Collection Selectable Pokeball Softbank


Pokemon Cover Collection Sample Softbank

[ Reference ]
 Softbank : 005Z (English), Pokemon Cover Collection

Do you realize new Pokemon Hybrid type is included in the above selectable Pokemon image ? OK, here you are.
New Pokemon Hybrid type :D

[ Edit ]
25 Nov 2011 : Replaced the image of selectable Pokemon for Cover Collection


Weasel said...

I really wish I had an iPhone. I'd have to get one of these; they are very cool.

Kats said...

Now available every BW Pokemon :D

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