Friday, October 7, 2011

Pokemon Tomy MC Clear Figure Key Chain (Tomy)

This is a Tour To The Those Days post.
Tomy released the following clear figure with key chain as spin-off of Monster Collection regular series in 2004. Thanks for the Mudkip's image to Rirun.
  • #252 Treecko, #255 Torchic, #258 Mudkip
Pokemon Tomy MC clear figure keychain Treecko Torchic Mudkip Tomy

Other topic on clear figure in Tomy MC regular series, clear Blaziken figure is confirmed. Edited to the following previous article. Thanks for the info to Mary.

BTW, For Pokemon figure reference, would like to introduce the following sites in Japanese.
[ Edit ]
12 Oct 2011 : Changed pic of Tomy MC clear figure keychain. Many thannks to Rirun.

For Tomy Pokemon figure fans, new site "Tomy Pokemon Figure Navi" is now running  please check it !

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