Friday, February 18, 2011

Pokemon Fan Magazine Vol.16 (Shougakukan)

Quarterly Pokemon information magazine Pokemon Fan Vol. 16 from Shougakukan has been published on 18 Februrary 2011. The bonus (free gift) of Vol.6 are magnet, stickers, movie small poster etc, please refer to the official page.
In the magazine, AAPF confirmed that nothing special/new info on the movie 14th and plush series 'My Pokemon Collection'.

Pokemon Fan Vol.16 Shougakukan

As for previous Pokemon Fan figures bonus, please refer to this post.

[ Reference ]
Shougakukan : Pokemon Fan Vol.16, Rakuten Book Store, SevenNetBookStore

Here is glance of pages mainly movie and new merchandise. (images are ultra heavy)
  1. Appearing Pokemon in movie 14th
  2. Distribution Victini, holding V Generation, Fire Jewel, Cherish Ball, and with Wish Ribbon (Not mentioned Pre-order/theater)
  3. Figure Tomy MC (Promotion and March)
  4. Plush from Tomy (March) and etc
  5. Texture
  6. Figure Zukan BW2, zip mascot from TTA
  7. Figure Chupa Surprise BW 2 from TTA
  8. Figure Supper Get (超ゲット) BW 2 from Bandai
  9. Tapestry, Magnet Collection Gum, Sticker from Ensky
  10. Cap, Handkerchief from PokemonCenterJP
  11. Pokemon Battrio new series in March (1/2)
  12. Ditto (2/2)
  13. Bath powder with collectable sticker from Tomy
  14. Clipping figure BW 2 from Bandai
Also please check shellspider's blog, uploading game/anime pages

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