Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pokemon Soup and Chazuke Powder w/Stickers (Marumiya)

Marumiya Corporation,  leading company.of dry Japanese condiment, released Wakame (a kind of seaweed) soup powder and Chazuka (toppings of white rice with green tea) powder in the beginning of November 2010. Pikachu and Mijyumaru's Kamaboko (dry fish paste) in the powder. One product includes one Pokemon BW sticker, total 40 kinds.

Pokemon BW Soup Chazuke Marumiya

Pokemon BW Stickers Sample Marumiya

[ Reference ]
Marumiya's  Pokemon Products, Stickers Catalog
What is Chazuke and Kamaboko ?

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thanks and credit goes to Misuzu's blog for the info.

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