Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pokemon Figure Bandai SG Platinum World 05

Bandai will release the following 10 figures as Super Get Platinum World 05 in the beginning of March.
All 10 figures has platinum color version. Giratina (origin) and Shaymin (sky) will be new posing. Will upload the photo later. If want to check previous items, please refer to BandaSG.
  • #379 Registeel #377 Regirock, #394 Prinplup, #410 Shieldon, #417 Pachirisu, #466 Electivire
  • #482 Azelf, #485 Heatran, #487 Giratina (origin), #491 Darkrai (w/legs), #492 Shaymin (sky)

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